Hoe bestel ik een GroenteTas/How to order a GroenteTas?

Regulations and Return Policy

  • You can order your bag at least one week in advance. You can order your bag no later than Sunday evening if you want to pick up your bag the following Wednesday.
  • If you forget to pick up your bag, we cannot give you a refund . This is due to our pre-paid order system with our produce providers and would mean Vegetable Bag would suffer the financial loss. We run by a pre-paid system in order to minimize food waste. If you have any issues please email us at info.groentetas@gmail.com 
  • We hope you love all your vegetables as returns are not possible for any vegetable bags purchased through Groentetas. 
  • Please always bring your own bag to the stand. We do not have any bags in which you can take your veggies since we advocate for less waste.

How to Order

  1. You can order through our website and pay with iDeal.
  2. On Wednesday when you come by our stand to collect your order, you can order for the following week and pay by card.

Hopefully, we’ll see you soon!