Wat is Groentetas/What is Groentetas?

Welcome to Groentetas Utrecht!

What is Groentetas?

Groentetas is a non-profit organization by sustainable-thinking and vegetable-loving students that was founded in 1994. The project consists of selling local and organic fruits and vegetables to anyone interested. Every week we are happy to sell these so-called vegetable bags (groentetassen) to anyone who has ordered a bag from us in advance. With this project, Groentetas tries to make the residents of Utrecht more environmentally aware and tries to stimulate sustainable consumption.

What’s in a Groentetas?

A Groentetas is a package containing different fruits and vegetables every week. Locally grown and mainly seasonal and organic fruits and vegetables can be found that have been grown in a sustainable way. Each week we send an email to all of our customers a few days in advance to let you know what will be in the bag and to suggests recipes to cook your delicious produce! Sometimes it is difficult to come up with a recipe yourself. This is why we love to come up with a recipe for you.

The main perks of buying a Groentetas!

The Groentetas is inexpensive – it is probably the cheapest option you have for organic vegetables and fruits.

Moreover, the Groentetas is healthy – besides organic goods, variation and vegan recipes, we provide a healthy system by taking care of the farmers.

Groentetas is focusing on sustainability – we provide local seasonal products and do not use packaging. Customers bring their own bag.

Groentetas is easy –  you do not need to go to the shop or decide what to eat for dinner. You just pick up your bag and can use the provided recipes. Especially when you are eating with friends or roommates, many of our customers buy several bags with their house and eat together.

A vegetable bag is very affordable. For only €7 you usually have enough vegetables for the whole week. This is possible because we do not make a profit ourselves and buy the vegetables as directly as possible from the farmers: there is only one person between us and the farmers! This ensures that the farmers receive a fair price for their vegetables and that you can buy it from us at a great price! In addition, all our products have been sustainably grown in one or more ways. Everything comes from the Netherlands and if possible even from Utrecht. Vegetables that cannot be grown efficiently in the Netherlands are therefore not likely to be encountered. 

Optional add on: Fresh Oyster Mushrooms for €3!

Groentetas is now collaborating with De Clique to support their sustainable business here in Utrecht. De Clique grows oyster mushrooms using coffee ground waste streams from companies around Utrecht. Through repurposing this large waste stream to create a new product, they are creating a valuable, short and circular chain in our city. And we get delicious mushrooms as a result, a win-win situation! If you would like to order mushrooms alongside your bag, please just select ‘yes’ under the mushroom option on the order page and pay an extra €3, and we will have them ready for pick up with your bag on Wednesday! 

How do you buy a Groentetas?

You can order on our website page ‘order a bag’, and choose the date and location to pick up your Groentetas. As our opening day is on Wednesday, you can order on the website until the previous Sunday at midnight. 

Are you a member of a study association, or are you a board member of an association, and do you think your association should also work with us? Send us an email for more information about collaboration with Groentetas at info.groentetas@gmail.com.