Fresh veggies of local farmers for you!

Special holiday action- Beet and Root for good food. 

Order here for wednesday December 16th.

Order here for thursday December 17th. 

De Groentetas is sadly not able to open in this current situation, but we do have some great news for our friends! Together with Local2Local, Grounded and The Green Office we have set up an action to save the rainbow carrot and beets surplus. For only 1 euro you can order 1 kilo of rainbow carrots or beets for yourself, friends and family or for charity! Perfect in time for the holiday season, just think about all the delicious dishes you can create-only you do not have to. In typical Groentetas fashion, you will receive some recipes before pick-up to give you lots of inspiration 🙂

All that is left to do is go to the orderpage and order your veggies for either December 16th or 17th (you can do this until the 10th of December!) Then choose the location and time for pick-up, and you are all done.



Dear Vegetable bag costumers,

We are sadly to inform to you that due to increasing Corona regulations, we will be closing the stand for the time being. This means that the Monday 19.10, WE ARE open for everyone that ordered a bag last week. But from Monday the 26.10 we will be close up until further notice (but we are sure that we will be back sooner than we all think!).

We believe it is very important that we all take good care of each other in order to make it though these times. We honestly cannot wait to see everyone back at the stand very very soon!

We are working hard on new content and ways to keep everyone engaged in Groentetas, so stay tuned! In case you are not following in our social media (FB and instagram), remember to do so to keep up with the latest updates, and of course don’t miss out a week from the day we open again!

We wish everyone to stay healthy, and to continue eating your fruit and vegetables, they are so important to keep the body (and mind) healthy, especially through these times!

Sending Love,

The Vegetable Bag Team – Hannah, Jisca, Ilfa, Stepan and Leah



Hello Groentetas friends!

We are back and more excited than ever to provide to you fresh, seasonal, organic, and of course locally produced vegetable once again. It is a new year and the Groentetas team knows it!

We will be opening our pick-up location at Parnassus Cultural Center every Monday (except from certain holidays- we will post this beforehand so do not worry) from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM. You can order your bag through this website before Wednesdays at midnight, so don’t miss out!

Please keep in mind we cannot save your vegetables in the case you cannot make it for pick-up, in the case you cannot make it, we advice you to ask a friend to get them for you! Vegetables that are not picked will be donated to fellow partners to make sure the veggies will not be wasted.

Don’t forget to follow us on our social media (Instagram and Facebook) to keep updated with all the latest news and announcements!

We can’t wait to see you at the stand!

PS. Remember to bring your own reusable bag to take your veggies: D

Wishing you a fun welcome back to the academic year,

The Vegetable bag team: Hannah, Jisca, Ilfa, Stephan and Leah!





To start off the New Year with a bang, we’ve partnered with Parnassos Cultural Center to open up a new pick up point for you! We will sadly bid farewell to the HKU Oudenoord location. It served us well, but we hope by moving to the Parnassos Cultural Center, we are at a more convenient location for you all!

You can order bags for this location at the ‘Order a bag’ page.

The pick up date and time for Parnassos will be Mondays from 17: 30-20: 30.

See you soon! : D

Wishing you Happy holidays and a splendid New Year ahead!

~ Valentine, Julia, Hannah, Eva, Pauline and Droovi ~



Last week we started a new pick-up point at HKU (Oudenoord 700) with a festive opening!

From now on you’ll have the option on our website under the heading ‘order a bag!’ to buy one for this new location.

The pick up date will be Tuesdays between 11 AM-2PM.

We’d like to see you there 🙂 


————————————————– ————————————————– ————————–

Vegetable bag is BACK! (September 2018)

After a loooooong summer with no veggies, we are proud to announce that you can start ordering your bag now !

First pick up Monday will be the 24th of September! Order before Wednesday 19 Sept!

Questions? info.groentetas@gmail.com

From now on you can pin!

We have good news, from now on it is possible to pay with a debit card at our booth! So no more trouble with cash.

This is the first thing we could do with the money we receive after the price increase. We will therefore be able to make more and more investments in the future. Of course we will keep you all informed!

iZettle pin device

The price of vegetables has gone up over the years.  You might have noticed the decreasing amounts of veg in the bag.  A higher price will ensure a larger amount of veg in the future and will also allow us to make some investments like a pin device, a new website and maybe even a second pick-up point!

We are back!

From January 8, it will be possible again to pick up the delicious GroenteTas in the Administration Building between 11:00 and 14:00!

During the holidays a lot has happened behind the scenes, which we would like to inform you about now. We have decided to increase the price of the bags to € 6. This is due to a number of reasons: the price of vegetables has risen sharply in recent years, so that there was less and less content in the bags; We are working on several ways to expand, this website is an example of that (and there will be some announcements of cool new projects we are working on soon!).
The intention is that this extra euro will bring a lot of news. We still remain a non-profit organization! We want to maintain this, because it is one of the most important building blocks of our organization!

What is it?

Because we love fruit and vegetables, we have had a unique concept since 1994. We collect fruit and vegetables from all kinds of farmers around Utrecht. We divide this into bags that we sell on every Monday without a profit motive. This means you get the freshest vegetables every Monday for a much lower price than at the supermarket!


How does it work?

You can grab a vegetable bag for € 6 euros. You can order this via the website or pay in cash for the following week. When ordering, you indicate when you want the bag.

If you have ordered, you can pick up the vegetable bag at the Uithof between 11h-14h or at one of the study associations we work with. Do not forget to bring your own bag, because we do not give it for the environment.

Vegetable bag
Save the earth

Why are we doing this?

When you order a vegetable bag, you make a small contribution to promote the sustainability of the earth. Our vegetables are all grown as locally as possible, which means that they come at least from the Netherlands, but usually even from Utrecht. In addition, we do our best to make people more aware. We often provide information about the origins of our products and talk to people about sustainable topics at our booth. We also try to generate as little waste as possible. If possible, we ask that no packaging is used.